Whatever reason brought you here, I hope you stay.

I started One Eighty Counseling because I yearned to create a counseling practice that focused on open, kind communication and acceptance. I wanted my own corner of the world where people could truly come as they are. This means that my clients, their families, and their stories could be acknowledged without judgement, without fear, and most importantly without rejection. Though this corner of the world is small, it is safe and you are welcome here.

At One Eighty Counseling, we are focused on getting a happier and healthier you. We work with individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, life transitions, peer issues, relationships & conflicts, and Neurodivergent groups, as well as stand beside LGBTQI+ as an ally, while providing affirmative therapy to all. We strongly believe in providing a personalized approach to therapy for our clients to recognize their strengths to create positive change in their lives. We believe in providing education, coping skills, and techniques to the client to provide long lasting change and results. One Eighty Counseling's mission is to provide genuine, thoughtful, and compassionate services that are tailored to each clients' needs.